Bucharest beinnale 3 art work

Flesh Map/ Mapa de Carne
color print, documentation
40 x 52 inches

Flesh Map is an illustration using raw meat that specifically portrays the Americas to describe how the majority of Latin American countries still suffer today from a post-colonial condition in relation to North America, which has contributed to political, social and, above all, economic problems. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that proposes the US on Latin America is one of the systems implemented by large corporations that results in altered economic platforms for Latin American countries, making the American continent totally corrupt like cannon meat. From the artist’s perspective as a Puerto Rican, the island is still under a colonial political system, and is on one hand a Latin country but on the other inserted into America, meaning to the United States of America. The question is: Do Puerto Ricans live in America? America the country? Or America the continent?

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